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Miller Alliance Group, LLC (MAG) is a North Carolina, woman-owned, solutions-based company founded with the belief that "Communications and building relationships are key disciplines to managing successful projects.  More importantly, keeping your customers informed and going above and beyond to exceed their expectations, while maintaining a positive attitude, is critical to managing effective business relations.”


Most recently, MAG teamed with a group of high-tech smart city mobility partners to support technology solutions for autonomous vehicles and the next generation of smart cities.  MAG is now able to offer a wide-range of technology solutions and products for the transportation industry, specifically within ITS, Traffic, Tolling and Parking Applications.

As a distributor, manufacturers representative, or consultant, MAG specializes in Business Support Services (business development, marketing, business  intelligence, continuous improvement and change management) and Smart City technology solutions for ITS, Traffic, Parking, Tolling and Data Analytics.

MAG has more than 20 years providing the tools, technology, and data for organizations to make sound business decisions to grow and evolve based on the following principals:

  • Business Development (BD) - Strategic Insight

  • Business Intelligence (BI) - Operational Insight

  • Continuous Improvement (CI) - Structured Approach - Achieved Over Time

  • Change Management (CM) - Ongoing – Incremental Change

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Strategic Insight
● Communications
● Marketing
● Operations

● Project Management
● Training / Workshops

● Web Development 

Operational Insight
● Benchmarking
● Data Analysis
● Key Performance Indicators
● Service Level Agreements

Structured approach - achieved over time
● Business Model Change
● Mergers and Acquisitions
● New Market
● Reorganization

Ongoing - incremental change
● Improve Quality
● Increase Productivity
● Increase Profit
● Reduce Risk



We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most innovative technology solutions. We are continually acquiring new partners and products. Please contact us for additional information on how we may help solve your ITS, Traffic or Smart Parking requirements.

Smart City Mobility Partners

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